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  • Leaving practical legacy,
    not dependency

Neovoca is a management consultancy with a simple yet challenging vision;

enabling pharmaceutical companies to adapt to new business models’

As our world becomes increasingly complex, we immerse ourselves in the latest developments that are shaping the industry, and use our knowledge, insights and extensive contacts to support organisational development. Our main areas of focus centre around strategic planning, customer engagement and digital - providing cost-effective solutions in the form of coaching, tools, and tailored programmes, we ensure that the individual needs of clients are served by creating the best possible environment for effective implementation. We believe the role of consultancy is to leave a practical legacy, not dependency.

Working with small businesses, agencies and blue-chip organisations, we understand the internal challenges companies face when confronted with new concepts. Our experience, knowledge and systematic research can help find solutions that are both relevant and simple to implement.

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EngageHealth - Bringing together, achieving together:
                            patients | payers | providers | policymakers

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What is EngageHealth?

EngageHealth is a consultancy that helps commercial, and not-for-profit organisations, develop strategies and programmes that are based on patient-needs, and informed by a wide range of stakeholder views.

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As a new pharma model evolves to meet the needs of a broader range of stakeholders, how do we re-think strategy

  • To have patient-centred plans that offer real value to the end-user, consumers need to be at the table.
  • To unlock real insight requires more than market research - a deep dialogue is needed with all customer groups.
  •  A great strategy is nothing without effective implementation. Strategically aligned personal goal-setting is key.

How can you ensure that your company has real expertise in working across new media channels?

  • Planning - know what you want to achieve, what your customers are doing, and what they need.
  • Governance - develop clear and sensible policies that are well documented, but allow innovation.
  • Competency development - digital skills are rarely self-taught, nor common in our industry. 
  • Analysis - know what to measure and build it in to your on-line activity. Be as rigorous as you were with SFE!

How can organisations adapt to a rapidly changing customer base?

  • Build structures that support processes as well as functions - flexible and effective.
  • Organisational design that makes you easy to do business with!
  • Strategic goal setting that aligns individuals with company strategy
  • Make sure that your competency frameworks meets todays' needs not yesterdays!

How can we help suppliers better meet the new needs of the pharmaceutical industry?

  • Practical advice built on a deep understanding of the industry
  • Support and guidance on brief-interpretation and developing pitches
  • Shadow sales meetings - rehearse on us!
  • Strategy and message development that align to all roles and levels in the client company
  • Industry training and coaching for those new to the healthcare sector