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Social listening in pharma - top 15 healthcare hashtags

Here at Neovoca we continually keep up-to-date with what’s happening within the pharmaceutical industry. A tool which we think is particularly effective to achieve this is Twitter. If you want to start becoming more social in Pharma try starting with social listening. It’s a worthwhile technique and ensures that when you tweet you’ll be fully informed, target the right conversations, know who to engage with and have an in-depth knowledge of the latest topics.

To start, we suggests downloading TweetDeck (http://tweetdeck.com) to filter your inbound streams. We have put together a list of our most exciting and influential areas of pharma that press for new business models (as guiding companies through this process is what we do). Set up columns on your TweetDeck dash of our top 15 list so you can conveniently observe  real-time tweets being posted and see a record of all the tweets that have occurred within each topic. In no particular order, and staying in line with twitter guidelines of 140 characters,  we now share the top 15 hashtags in pharma with a brief explanation for each:

 1. #Pharma  

General,  worldwide industry. Often news on companies, academic studies, drug releases, corporate communications  and regulatory articles

 2. #DigitalHealth        

Covers innovative  spectrum of technologies that achieve specific health outcomes, articles include medical devices, sensors & health data

 3. #mHealth

‘Mobile health’, the practice of medicine and health initiatives supported by mobile devices inc. smartphones, tablets & computers

 4. #PatientEngagement                

Patients invested in their own care. The valuable relationship patients have with health stakeholders, most commonly healthcare providers

 5. #hcsm

‘Healthcare social media’ throughout the world, interactions that create & share valuable medical information that support patient care

 6. #hcsmeu

‘Healthcare social media Europe’, the same as #hcsm but focused within Europe, this often reflected in the difference in regulation

 7. #hcmktg

‘Healthcare marketing’, best practice including digital, multichannel and email marketing  as well as ethical and regulatory considerations

 8. #HIT/HealthIT
*these are closely linked but separate hashtags

‘Healthcare information technology’, provides umbrella coverage of management of health information across computer systems

 9. #HealthApps

‘Health applications’, computer software that performs a useful task relative to healthcare. Usually regarding smartphones & tablets

 10. #ePatient

‘Electronic/internet patient’, health consumers who utilise the internet and electronic communication tools to gather medical information

 11. #EHR/EMR*
*these are closely linked but separate hashtags

‘Electronic health/medical records’, systematic collection, storage and utilisation of electronic health/medical data

 12. #QuantifiedSelf

Data acquisition of an individual’s daily life input, often covers individual’s health data via wearable technology

 13. #BigData

 Large & complex data sets from which trends and meaningful insights can be found. Covering capture, storage, visualisation and analytics

 14. #Gamification

The integration of game mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage user, solve problems and derive specific outputs

 15. #MedEd

 Comprehensive coverage of medical education including curriculum content, engagement, delivery and healthcare professional bodies

Once you have a good understanding of these areas why not try going into more advance pharma social listening, visit the Symplur Healthcare Hashtag Project (www.symplur.com/healthcare-hashtags/) where you can find a much more extensive directory.  

Trust, reputation & social media in healthcare - the patient's view

PM Society Patient Engagement Interest Group announces meeting at the ABPI

Few would argue that the patient movement has had a significant impact on the delivery of healthcare over the past decade. Even fewer would argue that social media has changed the way we all work, share and learn. If we put these two forces together, its clear that we have the recipe for far-reaching change for every stakeholder in health, including industry.

Last year the Pharmaceutical Marketing Society Patient Engagement Interest Group was formed to establish an effective dialogue around this essential subject matter. We are therefore pleased to announce our first meeting which will addressing social media and a key interconnected topic. On the 30th April we are holding an evening event at the ABPI to consider the two big issues emerging from this convergence:

  • Trust and reputation – how do patients view (and rank) pharmaceutical companies?
  • The role social media can play in bridging the gap between patients and the pharmaceutical industry. 

We are delighted to have expert input from two leading figures on the topic - Dr Alex Wyke, researcher into patient groups who will provide recent benchmark data on companies as reported by patient groups, and Bertie Bosredon - expert in social media with significant experience of patient and charitable organisations. The format will be collaborative, and an opportunity to foster debate and discussion based around out expert’s data, case studies and presentations.

I am delighted to chair the event, taking place on Tuesday 30th April 2013 at the ABPI in London. There are fixed number of places available so book early to ensure your place. I look forward to seeing you there and please feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more. Keep an eye out on our Twitter for updates and I will of course let you know how it all goes.

Please click here for more information


PM Society Digital Showcase 2013

The Pharmaceutical Marketing Society is holding its annual Digital Showcase, a great opportunity to discover some of the best-in-class digital initiatives from 2012. The event, taking place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on the 17th of April, will be launched by thought-leaders Shona Davies and Alex Butler.

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced environment its vital that digital channels are effectively utilised and integrated into all marketing activities to ensure that the often ‘all elusive’ engagement is achieved. The meeting features presentations and key-note speeches on the practical aspects of digital as well as showcasing award-winning case studies selected from the winners of the 2012 Digital Media Awards.

It’s great to see the innovation that has occurred last year as well as gaining a glimpse into the future landscape of industry. We will be attending and look forward to meeting or friends old and new, look out for our Twitter updates during the event.

For more information: PM Society Pharmamarketing Digital Showcase 2012

Digital accountability – Pharma bosses need proof that digital works


The recent PharmaTimes meeting was a refreshing opportunity to meet and speak with a wide range of delegates interested in the more practical side of digital engagement within pharma. Whilst its always good to mee familiar faces and learn from the digi-jedis’ at pharma events, it was a pleasure to be able to talk to people wrestling with the ‘how do we do this?’ rather than exhorting the ‘why its so important’. 

Despite a decade of executive head-scratching it is still very apparent that many digital projects are either being held back due to a lack of senior management engagement, or paradoxically, are being driven from the top in a totemic – just do it fashion! 

I thought it would be enlightening to take a light-hearted look at your top 7 questions form Business Plan challenges and provide ready-made answers. So, for those people who work at the customer interface, and are expected to embrace digital without any clear guidance, training or organisational re-design, here are a some quick-fire answers that may come in handy next time you present your plans and find them challenged – either by the ‘too-much digital’  or ‘not-enough digital’ camps.

 Select your response depending on how secure you feel in your current position! 

1)  It’s a fair challenge. This plan has been built on a strong strategic basis - customer needs, product differentiation, competitor and environmental assessments and our own internal ambition. The level of digital investment reflects the current maturity of the available channels, the way our customers use them, and how relevant they are to our plan. By zero-basing our mix we have been able to be assess digital opportunities from an objective viewpoint. Next question.

2) It’s a good question. Return on investment should, of course, guide all of our investments. I’m comfortable that we at least have a chance of measuring the impact of these strategies, but our belief that they will provide a good return comes mainly from our understanding of customer behaviour – in much the same way as we invested in print advertising and paper mailings. However, the fact that we can measure and adapt our campaigns as we learn, provides us with a fantastic opportunity to improve results within days, not months! Next question.

2a) Yes I understand. But lets not forget the words of Einstein (as if you would)  ..“not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.’’ Next question.

3) I understand why you would ask that question. As an organisation we are not ready to turn into Amazon just yet. We are still organised around a salesforce-led model and our mindset is to maximise that channel first and everything else gets the left-overs. Until we bring the same rigour and resource to digital campaigns that we brought to salesforce effectiveness, we will continue to scratch the surface. Yes, I’d  love that job!! Next question.

4) It’s a fair question. Rest assured the same rules apply to social media – we can’t and won’t promote to the public, and yes we have our pharmaco-vigilance systems and SOP’s in place should bad comments arise. Next question.

5) Its an interesting idea. My kids use facebook too, but I wouldn’t suggest that we ask them to ‘like’ your Annual Report. Next question.

6) Good point! Yes, we have involved procurement all the way and they have been brilliant – they have such a great understanding of creating value from digital investments. I.T. were helpful too - they love the way we use various new platforms and adopt the latest technology without having to be asked to! Next question.

7) Yes, you’re right. As an industry we do have a problem with public trust, and there will always be those who challenge our motives. However, that shouldn’t stop us engaging – only through open and transparent dialogue can we begin to be part of the solution. Next question.

7a) Of course I understand that floppy-finger syndrome is a major health issue, and terribly under diagnosed. I’ll get my coat.

If anyone has any classic business plan questions I’d be more than happy to suggest an answer.

Please click here to see my feature in PharmaTimes

Centre For Workforce Intelligence Annual Conference 2012

The centre for workforce intelligence is the national authority on workforce planning and development, providing advice and information to the health and social care system. On the 15th of October we had the pleasure of attending their annual conference in London and found it be an intriguing insight into the challenges facing healthcare leaders in workforce planning for the future.

The opening keynote speakers, representing both the policymaker and provider view, set the tone for the remainder of the event by emphasising that if every person does a little more, the organisation does a lot more. This is particularly refreshing to hear as much of the common rhetoric often cites significant changes to public policy as the pre-requisite to ensuring patients’ care needs are met for the future.

The launch of an horizon scanning hub, a resource to inform long-term workforce planning, was a key highlight of the conference. With the simple aim of improving outcomes for patients through facilitating effective long-term workforce planning, the hub breaks down the big picture challenges faced by leaders, and provides advice and tools on how best to approach them. What makes it truly valuable is the fact that the hub is built and continues to evolve through the ongoing contributions of healthcare workers and front-line social care workers.

Please click for more information on the CFWI or Horizon Scanning Hub

ENGAGE 2013 Conference - Intelligent Healthcare

Engage 2013 is the second in an annual Brussels-based series of high-level meetings between healthcare stakeholders. The confirmed date for the event is Tuesday 22nd of January with the venue being Science 14 Atrium.

The meeting aims to build bridges between patients and other members of the healthcare community by stimulating discussion, and by building up consensus views on issues important to the Brussels health agenda. The meeting’s discussions will be recorded as a White Paper.

New and emerging technology continues to provide opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare systems. Progress has been made on many levels; data collection, data movement and integration; and data interpretation. Software services link patients, physicians and hospitals, telemedicine offers remote access to expert care and web-enabled informatics provide patients with the latest thinking and self-care tools. Despite such progress however, there remains considerable opportunity for improvement. With healthcare costs across the EU approaching 10% of GDP, it is imperative that all stakeholders in health address issues that continue to show progress towards 'intelligent healthcare'.

 Click here for more information 

PharmaTimes Digital Initiative Seminar – delivering real leanings in digital communication

On the 19th October 2012, I am delighted to be given the opportunity to be speaking on the topic of ‘digital resourcing for success’ at the PharmaTimes Digital Initiative Seminar. Speaking alongside Matthew Newman, Creative Director at Incuna, our session focuses on planning frameworks, common do’s and dont’s and organisational imperatives required for embedding digital excellence.

The seminar, which will be held at the Park Plaza Hotel Westminster Bridge, London, is an opportunity for anyone interested in digital marketing communication strategies in healthcare who wishes to gain an eclectic knowledge of how to plan, implement and maintain digital engagement with stakeholders.

I look forward to meeting many of you on the 19th in London.

For programme information: PharmaTimes Digital Initiative Seminar 2012

Digipharm Europe – First in class digital marketing strategies for pharmaceutical products

On the 26th of September 2012  I am delighted to be given the opportunity to chair this innovative conference which explores an exciting spectrum of digital related topics within pharma.

The conference, which will be held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel London, is an opportunity for anyone interested in digital marketing strategies for pharma products who wishes to develop their understanding of how to better engage with customers using technology.

With a fantastic line-up of speakers from the healthcare and technology industry it promises to be a really valuable meeting. It’s a great occasion to learn about the latest digital developments, how to deploy tailored strategies, to interact with speakers and delegates.

Keeping to the ‘tried and tested’ is the mantra for mediocrity! I look forward to meting many of you on the 26th in London.

For programme information: Digipharm Europe 2012

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